5 Fun Ways to Preserve Your Summer Memories

How to preserve memories


  • Traditional Scrapbooking

An enjoyable way to help organise your photos and make your memories last is by crafting your own personalised scrapbook. Celebrate your summer memories with treasured photos and ephemera. Making your own unique scrapbook gives you a chance to get a little bit creative and jot down moments that may otherwise be forgotten. It also gives you a place to store all of those old flight tickets & festival wristbands!

  • Make it Digital

How to preserve memories

Storii is an another great way to preserve your memories by storing them digitally. Our website offers FREE, unlimited storage for you to log a lifetime of summer memories. The screenshot above gives you a little taste of what your Storii could look like. It’s easy to set up and enables you to add all sorts of media including videos, text, images & audio. Another great feature of Storii is that you can categorise all of your media if you want to keep your memories super organised! You don’t have to worry about privacy because you can make your Storii 100% for your eyes only. You also have other options such as granting certain people access or even making your profile completely public. The choice is yours!


Click Here to Start Your Storii

Create A Short Movie

A fun way to relive your most memorable moments and bring those memories back to life is by creating a short movie. This is a great way to show your family and friends a recap of your holiday fun in just a few minutes. Apple’s iMovie is an excellent tool to use by adding different themes, special effect, transitions, text and music to your photos. If iMovie is not for you, there are also lots of other free video editing websites that will do the trick – our favourites include Kizoa, Slidely or Stupeflix.

Wall Collages 

Collecting all your favourite photographs and then merging them into a wall collage is a lovely way to cherish old summer memories and add a little ‘oomph’ to your home decor. There is lot’s of great resources to help you create your wall collage – our favourite websites to search for inspiration are Pinterest and Tumblr. They have some amazing examples of wall collages that will help get your creative juices flowing.

Memory Jars 

How to preserve memories Photo Credit: Tip Junkie

How wonderful are these memory jars? It is such a quick and easy way to preserve your photos whilst creating a beautiful decorative feature for your home. When you are away from home, you can collect different objects that will remind you of your holiday. Then upon your return home, you can transform the objects you collected into everlasting memory by storing them in a glass jar with your photos. Every time you have a look at your memory jar, it will bring back all those lovely memories.

Photo Box

ICreativeIdeas came up with this DIY photo box album to store your photos in a unique way to help bring out all of your priceless memories. When you remove the lid, the box unfolds into a mini photo album, giving the recipient a whole box of memories to enjoy! It would make a lovely gift for family & friends. Read the full DIY tutorial here.

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