New To Caregiving? Learn How To Help Yourself

Being a caregiver is one of the most important roles you’ll ever play. It can happen suddenly, with an accident or illness, or a new diagnosis. You may find yourself taking time off from work, making meals or handling finances. All of a sudden you’re in it. Listen to Anthony Cirillo’s interview on Charlotte Today on what it means to be a caregiver today and how to help yourself.

Here is a summary of what he shared:

  1. Talk about the issues before there is an issue.
  2. Look for an opening in daily life – an article or news story; something going on with a friend.
  3. Keep trying
  4. Work together with other family members


Anthony Cirillo



Anthony is president of The Aging Experience. He helps health care organizations craft experiences and seize opportunities the mature marketplace. He helps family caregivers thrive and individuals make educated ageing decisions.

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