6 Photography Projects to Spark Your Creative Genius 

The Storii team love enabling people to share the moments that matter on our life story platform. This blog post will hopefully inspire you to up your photography game and spark that creative genius hidden inside of you! 

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creative photography projects to inspirePhoto Credit: Dear Photograph

Then & Now

Difficulty 4/10

This captivating picture is from a project called Dear Photograph which is dedicated to using analogue photographs from the past and blending them into photographs taken in the present. On the Dear Photograph website, people also share the heartwarming stories behind their photographs. It is a great project to be involved in especially to allow you to relive a long-lost memory, whether it be your first football game or your first day of school. The technique is easy: take a picture of a picture from the past in the present.

creative photography projects to inspire

Play With Perspective

Difficulty 6/10

Taking a forced perspective photo isn’t hard to do and it doesn’t require any extraordinary photography skills. This is a fun technique to try and all you need is a camera, a willing volunteer and a little patience. Creativity and choreography are key—here are 45 ideas to get you started. Don’t forget to keep your memories alive by storing them on Storii for free!

creative photography projects to inspirePhoto Credit: Miss Modular

Pop Up Polaroids

Difficulty 4/10

This one isn’t exactly a photography trick, it’s more of an arts and craft project. Nevertheless, we loved the idea and thought that it should be included. For this project, you will need a camera that prints polaroid images. If you don’t want to spend money on a new camera, you could perhaps borrow from a friend or if you’re good with an editing you can fake polaroid images using Photoshop. So, after you have captured some cool snapshots in a polaroid format, cut around characters or object in the photo to create a 3D pop-up effect.

creative photography projects to inspire

Double Exposure

Difficulty 7/10

A double exposed image can be described as two photographs which have been blended together to form one image. You can be as creative as you like with this one – use your imagination! This a popular photography trick and if you have a little editing knowledge you’ll be able to pull this one off quite easily. Here is is a great tutorial on how to create a double exposed image. We recommend capturing a variety of different pictures to see which two images work best together.

creative photography projects to inspire

 Photo credit: 9gag

Generation Portrait

Difficulty 8/10

This one is our favourite! You can do it with your Great Grandad or Granny. It is the ultimate family classic using a time tunnel to capture 4  family generations in one picture. All you have to do is get your family together and shoot a basic portrait of each family member holding an empty frame. And then get the computer whizz of the family to input each image into the frames using Photoshop or any free photo editing website. If you’re not comfortable editing the images directly, we suggest using Canva which is free and very easy to use.

creative photography projects to inspirePhoto Credit: Lorena Cosba

Past & Present

Difficulty 3/10

This is a great photo project for grandma—it’s so easy! All you have to do is find an old snapshot of granny back in her youth and have her hold it against one side of her face to represent the past and present. If you can’t find a big enough photograph, you can always have the image enlarged professionally or enlarge it yourself at home with a scanner and some basic editing. It is always surprising to see how much someone can change over the decades. You can use this idea with anyone in various life stages for example one from childhood or one from adolescence.

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