5 Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Care Home Software

Is your care home shopping for software? Joining the digital world is exciting…and truth be told, a bit overwhelming. With so many options on the market, it is easy for providers to rush into a decision they may regret later for the sake of speed and simplicity on the front end.

With years of experience providing software to the care sector, we’ve learned a thing or two about mistakes to avoid when making the switch from scribbles to screens. We hope this list helps you find the best software for your care home!

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Care Home Software

  1. Purchasing software that disregards the data. One of the biggest reasons to invest in software is the ability to track important data points. Being able to analyze this data is essential for enabling managers to make informed decisions. On-demand reporting allows management to document and evidence their care to inspectors or prospective residents and their families. If the software you’re looking at doesn’t have this feature, look for one that does.
  2. Purchasing before playing. Have you been able to fully explore the software you’re interested in? Are you sure that you’re getting access to all the features that would benefit your care home? You should be able to play around with all carer-facing aspects of a system before purchasing. A selection of providers offer free trials, but most offer free demos. When you’re on a demo, ask if there is a test account you could have a look at.
  3. Purchasing a complex system. Sometimes less is more. Every care home software is going to claim to save your staff time, but take a good look at the software first. Is it intuitive and user friendly? Will your staff be able to navigate it with ease or does it feel clunky and complex to operate? StoriiCare is designed to look and feel like a social platform you might use in your daily life because we know: the simpler it is to use, the more time it saves clients.
  4. Not doing your research. Each care home has their own way of operating and a unique set of priorities. Likewise, most care home software companies are targeted to a specific audience and won’t necessarily cover all your bases. By researching a little beforehand, you can narrow down the most important aspects of a software platform and go from there. If your prospective software company has a support chat, use it! Ask questions and discuss your business’ needs.
  5. Failing to include all stakeholders. Ensure success when purchasing software for your care home by including all the key decision makers. Who will be affected by this change? Do they understand and know all of the benefits? Failure to get everyone on board can result in unwanted stress and hurt the effectiveness of the transition internally.

StoriiCare is one of many great software options when it comes to digital care management and activity recording. However, we certainly think it’s the best! We’re always here to help you find the right solution. Here’s how you can reach us to find out if StoriiCare would make the perfect fit for your business:

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