Tech & Wi-Fi

Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of customer service to all our clients.


Smartphones and tablets

We can supply tech, from iPads, Android Tablets and Smartphones to desktop PC's to your business. See below for some of our recommendations.


Wifi and routes

Having Wi-Fi in care businesses is now a must-have. We can help provide Wi-Fi throughout your premises through our network of partners.

Discounted tech packages

Take advantage of our discounted technology packages when purchasing a StoriiCare subscription.

Apple iPad package



iPad with Keyboard

iPad + Keyboard case


Apple iPad bundle

iPad + case
Secure iPad Access point
HDMI or VGA adaptor


Apple iPhone

2 X iPhone 5s 16gb


Apple iPod

2 X iPod Touch 16gb


Samsung Galaxy Tab 9.6

Samsung Galaxy Tab 9.6"


Samsung Galaxy J3 White

Samsung Galaxy J3 White


Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K - cast to any TV


Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire Stick - cast to any TV



Chromecast - cast to any TV


Alba 10 inch tablet

StoriiCare Digital Signage Box + HDMI Cable

Includes 1 Year Warranty & Postage


*Pricing valid for single site purchases only. For group deals, get in touch.

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