Required features and implementation processes vary from one provider to the next, but we've included some helpful advice on how some clients have previously implemented StoriiCare below. Once your business account is created, begin with whichever step you feel best fits your process.

Begin adding content to the profiles of your service users

Store those crucial memories in one simple place

Upload personal content sent by family members, use your device's camera to digitise old polaroids left in dusty photograph albums, or simply capture a moment on the spot and keep it in one simple, secure place.

For example, you may have a series of photos from a group outing, a birthday party or any group activity.

Create music playlists

Find out your service users' favourite songs

Entertainment Youtube search

It is well known that music can evoke a powerful response from care recipients, including those living with dementia. With StoriiCare, you can easily create a playlist of meaningful music tailored to each person.

Music can also be useful as a tool in group settings. Staff can create general playlists for other purposes, such as karaoke sing-alongs, music quizzes or simply to create a soothing atmosphere.

Create custom digital care plans

Edit your template and you're ready to start

If you're looking to digitise your care plans, you can create a template specific to your business on StoriiCare. This will enable staff to store crucial service user information and outcomes securely and efficiently in one place.

Connected family members can view and make suggestions to improve Care plans, ensuring the plan is best suited to each individual.

Digital care plans

Connect relatives to their loved ones from anywhere in the world

Encourage family members to create a free Storii account

Family connectivity

It doesn't cost a thing for relatives to connect with loved ones with StoriiCare profiles. Providers send out a link to selected family members that prompts them to create a free Storii account. They will be automatically linked to their loved one simply using their email address.

Once connected, relatives will be able to access and contribute media content. They may also add to and edit personal music and video playlists, and will be automatically notified of any activity sessions or events that take place involving their relative in care.

Log activities

Begin tracking and evidencing activities

Our Activities tracking and instructions are easy to implement and understand. After adding a few staff members and creating at least one service user profile, you can begin logging activities straight away.

Music therapy

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