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Why would a care provider use StoriiCare?

StoriiCare enables businesses and organisations to efficiently manage staff and those they care for. It enables businesses to offer enhanced person-centred care, and to efficiently document every action, making it easy to show inspectors that a provider really cares, about care.

How can a business sign up?

A business or organisation should get in touch by calling +1 (650) 924 9930 or by booking a demo.

What does it cost?

Take a look at our pricing page for details.

We don't have any tablets or tech, can you help?

If you don’t currently have the technology to use StoriiCare, we can help.

Through our relationship with Apple, if you are a registered business we can provide brand new, ready-to-go iPads with care-friendly cases at a competitive rate.

Get in touch for a quote.

Why use StoriiCare with your service users?

  • To encourage and enhance communication
  • To improve mood and well-being
  • To stimulate memories
  • StoriiCare can be tailored to the individual
  • StoriiCare can serve as a legacy for future generations
  • It enables business to not only provide an enhanced level of person-centred care, but to effectively document every action, showing any inspectors that a provider really cares, about care.

Can StoriiCare help someone with Dementia?

Yes, StoriiCare can help those affected by Dementia. Here's how:

  • It maintains a sense of personal identity
  • It improves mood and well being
  • Knowledge of a person with Dementia is crucial to providing person-centred care

We recommend that a carer or relative creates and manages an account. However, StoriiCare can be used by people with Dementia directly too via their own login, if they wish to do so.

Media questions

What kind of media can I use with StoriiCare?

We accept most media formats, including:

  • MP4, webm
  • MP3, M4A, WAV

If there are any formats you’d like to use that don’t current work, let us know.

How do I add these types of media?

Click the on the Media page, you can add all kinds of media including images, video and text.

Technical questions

On which devices can I use StoriiCare?

You can access StoriiCare on the following devices:

  • Most internet enabled devices via a web browser. It can also be accessed through our iOS and Android apps.
  • iPhone and iPad, iOS version 8 and above
  • Most modern web browsers (home computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.) via the web app at
    We would recommend using the latest version of Chrome for the best user experience.

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