3 Overlooked Reminiscence Tools for Seniors

In senior care (especially in the dementia care world), reminiscence has been a recent buzzword. What is a reminiscence tool? Well, many communities facilitate what is called Reminiscence Therapy. Reminiscence tools support this type of therapeutic activity. Essentially, this is a designated time to recall memories of the past. Some of the effects and benefits…

5 Fabulous Gift Ideas for Someone with Dementia at Every Stage

Looking for gift ideas for your loved one with dementia? You’re in the right place! There are many types of dementia— Vascular dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia with Lewy Body dementia, Korsackoff syndrome, etc. Dementia affects three areas of the brain which go on to impact language, memory, and decision-making. Dementia will manifest itself…

Outreach During COVID-19 Outbreak: Best Practices for Care Homes & Adult Day Care Services

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We are living in uncertain times of global pandemic. COVID-19, which appears to severely affect elderly people and those with compromised immune systems, is rapidly spreading. Therefore, senior care providers are on high alert. They’re doing everything they can to keep their residents and service users safe. Residential care homes are taking every precaution possible….